About Us

Tea Inntech was started by Mr Saswata Pal with a vision to digitise the current mechanism of private sales in the Indian tea industry. It is a universal B2B E-trade platform designed and crafted for private tea sales and procurement. We ensure that sales and procurement done through our platform by our clients remains private and confidential.

The private sale mechanism is currently manual with the stakeholders suffering various limitations of manual and clerical trading. Closure of deals are often delayed, unnecessary paper work, clerical errors, dual sales and purchases, incorrect price discovery are some of the issues. This makes private sales and procurement a burdensome and painful experience. Various features on Tea Inntech trading platform ensures that these shortcomings are addressed without causing any disruption to the current trade. To summarise, the same quantity can be sold or procured with a massive reduction in effort, cost & time while clients can gain a competitive edge and focus on core competencies. Tea Inntech is an open platform for all Sellers, brokers & buyers who are involved in private sales and procurement. Trading on Tea Inntech is simple and effortless. 

An interesting feature on the platform is cross-bidding where suppliers can make an offer to multiple buyers through a single offer sheet to create competition and thereby achieving ideal price discovery. Apart from various other features included, we aim to be flexible and add in more features as required by our clients.