How It Works

Trading on Tea Inntech is effortless, private and easy. The concept is a supplier to buyer model where the supplier can either be a direct seller or a broker. It is a platform that automates private sales and procurement making private trading easier, simpler and facile. 

To briefly explain, a supplier can simply generate an offer sheet on Tea inntech and dispatch the same with tea samples to the respective buyer. The buyer on receipt of the tea samples, enters the secret number printed on the offer sheet and gets access to bid on the respective teas. Both parties negotiate digitally to make the invoices active. After the expiry date and time, automated emails are sent to the buyer with the respective supplier being marked on the same mail. There is also a reports section where customized figures can be downloaded for analysis. 

Kindly note that all monetory transactions / payments of the deals done on this platform are direct between the supplier and the buyer and Tea Inntech is neither involved nor guarantee any such payments.

Apart from various other features, an interesting feature on Tea Inntech is cross bidding where a supplier can dispatch the same offer sheet to multiple buyers to generate competition and for an ideal price discovery. 

We have made tutorial videos to help you understand the functionalities of the platform in brief. Visit the links below to understand in general how Tea Inntech works –

Supplier -

Buyer –